Democracy and Bildung

The second output of the project, “Democracy and Bildung -paper examines the interlinkages of the said concepts.

“Democracy is not a given and depends on people claiming it. It is something that must be learned over and over again.”

Democracy and Bildung paper discusses the various contexts of democratic Bildung: historical, European as well adult learning and education context. It also provides concrete recommendations for activities on macro, meso and micro levels and advocacy concerning the future of adult education and Bildung.

Democracy and Bildung, Bildung logo in brain shape

The paper has been produced by

  • Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres (Verband Österreichischer Volkshochschulen, VÖV)
  • DAFNI KEK Adult Education and Research Centre

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Summaries of the paper

Overview of democracy and Bildung

Democracy and Bildung have strong historical interlinkages that are essential to understand and study. The overview “Democracy and Bildung” presents the interrelation between democracy and Bildung in a matrix as it doesn’t follow a linear process of succession but is constantly evolving.

Open the Democracy and Bildung overview (pdf)

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An infographic describing the relations between democracy and Bildung