Final conference

After an e-learning course on policy and practices for Upskilling Pathways and peer learning webinars, the consortium wanted to exchange on the concrete steps ALE trainers and staff could do to increase learners’ participation in Upskilling Pathways.

During the final conference of the UP-AEPRO-project 20.11.2020, the participants had the chance to hear learners’ voices, discuss the challenges with other trainers, learn about advocacy tools and contribute to the UP-AEPRO policy recommendations. In addition to high-level inputs, presentation of the project results and interactive discussions, there was an occasion for the Portuguese adult education sector to discuss successful initiatives on an inclusive and empowering basic skills provision.

The final conference was organised back to back to the EAEA annual conference.

Read the article summarising the final conference presentations and conclusions: EAEA Annual Conference 2020: How do we keep learning during and after the pandemic?

Find the recordings of the presentations, the slides and the workshop conclusions