Online course “Design for change”

Description and participants profiles:

The course introduces the concept of change-oriented adult education and how it can be used to manage the challenges of digitalisation in individual lives, communities, and society in general. It highlights the core pillars of the concept of change-oriented adult education, and offers practical tips on how and when to use its specific methods to address challenges caused by digitalisation.

The course will also provide examples of good practices as well as insights from trainers and learners, who have experience of change-oriented adult education. It is mainly addressed to all adult education providers (adult educators, planners, managers, etc.) working in organisations, community development programs or associations, and policymakers, but open to everyone interested in the topic.


Structure and methodology:

The course will include 5 modules and run until the end of June.

Each module provides a mix of live webinars/podcasts/videos, resources, forum discussions, and self-study. The community aspect is one of the strongest elements of the course, so participants are invited to use the platform’s forum to exchange ideas, inputs, and proposals. The content planned and methodology used in this course has been shaped by a co-design survey circulated among partners’ dissemination channels.

The fifth module is titled “Use of digital games in change-oriented adult education”. It will run officially from 22/06 until 05/07, but the course material will be accessible online afterward.

SAVE THE DATE: The fifth live webinar will take place on Thursday the 25th of June at 2 pm CEST.

Link to the webinar in zoom

Guest speaker for this webinar will be Oliver Šimko, Founder and lead gamification designer at Luducrafts, Slovakia. Upon completion of this module you will understand how game design has a place in a change-oriented adult education. You will also gain knowledge of some creative strategies that allow you to apply game design to building change-oriented adult education activities. 

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