EAEA produces publications, infonotes and policy papers regularly on impacting policy, capacity building and in its projects.

Influencing policy

Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21st century
As a tool for change, EAEA has published ‘Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21st Century’. It sets objectives for creating a Learning Europe: a Europe that is able to tackle the future positively and with all necessary skills, knowledge and competences. Updated manifesto was published in the beginning of 2019. The publication from 2016 is available in different languages.

Country reports
EAEA’s policy reports include Adult Education in Europe – A Civil Society View; Adult Education in Times of Crisis; Adult Education and Democracy; and Adult Education in Europe 2011 – A Civil Society View.

Policy statements
EAEA’s statements compiled to one page from 2003 onwards.

Why is adult education important?
The leaflet explains European decision makers, why investing in adult education makes good sense for individuals, communities and economies as a whole. It can be useful in local and national policy advocacy as well.

Capacity building

EAEA Grundtvig Award publications
Each year, the EAEA awards innovative adult education projects. The EAEA Grundtvig Award highlights project results that produce new ideas, new partnerships, new methodologies and a new understanding how we can work in adult learning. Annual EAEA Grundtvig Award publication presents the contestants of the Award.

Advocacy toolkit for members
EAEA helps its members to build advocacy strategies for their respective levels by providing information and tools for influencing policy-making. In 2019, EAEA published a series of advocacy tools on the EU elections.


Implementing Outreach, Empowerment, Diversity
How to outreach and empower disadvantaged learners: guidelines for adult education practitioners and policy recommendations for decision-makers.

Engaging New Learners in Adult Education — Short guide for policy-makers and adult educators
How to reach out to potential learners? How to convince stakeholders on the effects of lifelong learning? How to raise awareness for adult education? The guide presents useful results of three European projects related to adult learning (OED, BeLL — Benefits of Learning and ARALE — Awareness Raising for Adult Education and Learning).

Key documents

Key documents

Constitution, Work Plan, Activity Reports, Accounts, Visual Guidelines and logos.

Membership leaflets
A leaflet introducing the benefits of EAEA membership

List of books published by EAEA
EAEA Monograph Series and more.

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