Cooperations and partnerships

This year, EAEA’s theme is cooperation and partnerships.

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Funding for adult education

It’s time to advocate for better functioning and more funding for adult education.

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Validation of prior learning

Validation of non-formal and informal learning is a hot topic in 2018.

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18.06.2018 Erasmus+

What happened to the PLUS in Erasmus+?

Adult education is tackling many of Europe's most pressing challenges, yet the funding allocated to adult education in the future EU budget and the name change of the EU’s education programme signal a failure to recognise its importance. EAEA calls for a higher budget share and a clear commitment to adult education to meet the EU objectives and to make an impact.

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12.06.2018 lifelong learning

LLL Interest Group: How do we define learning environments in the 21st century?

The latest meeting of the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning brought together Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to discuss the concept of learning environments in formal, non-formal and informal learning settings.

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08.06.2018 advocacy

EAEA statement: European Education Area must not leave adults behind

While the European Commission's latest plans to further the European Education Area underline the commitment to lifelong learning, the measures proposed are not embedded in a holistic lifelong learning approach. EAEA's Reaction to the Second Package of the European Education Area calls for a stronger consideration of all age groups and stages of learning.

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Events June 2018

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