EAEA Dissemination Services

If you want to be seen in Brussels or in Europe, if you want visibility for your products, brand or organisation, EAEA can help!

EAEA has a long experience in dissemination activities. It is something we have done long before the word became integrated in the standard vocabulary of European projects.

The EAEA dissemination packages are designed with European projects in mind, but can also be used for other purposes. With our package guide and our price list it is easy for new project applicants to plan and budget a project dissemination strategy, and outsource the dissemination to us in a subcontract.

We offer different dissemination packages which can be tailored according to your needs and content of the project. Therefore the prices are only indicative and might differ from project to project, depending from the adjustments in the standard packages you are wishing to do.

There are three types of standard packs:





For a more tailored offer, contact EAEA Policy Officer raffaela.kihrer [at] eaea.org.

Please note that all projects where EAEA is asked to join as a partner is subject to a decision by the board of EAEA.

Download EAEA Dissemination Services fact sheet