Working groups

EAEA is a member of several working groups focusing on adult education policy. EAEA coordinates the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning together with the Lifelong Learning Platform. EAEA is also a member of two working groups in the European Commission.

Lifelong Learning Interest Group

Initiated by EAEA and Lifelong Learning Platform together with a number of MEPs, the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning brings together civil society representatives and MEPs to discuss key issues connected to lifelong learning with strong emphasis on adult education.

An important reason to form the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning is the new European Commission and its priorities. We stand for a comprehensive and trans-sectorial lifelong learning approach, and want to stress that education is not only about employment, but is linked to personal development, social inclusion, active citizenship, and much more. The interest group works as a “watchdog” to what the European Union is doing.

The focus of 2015–2016 is “Inclusive education for inclusive societies”. The group aims to fight inequalities and discrimination in education in order to reach the Europe 2020 and Education and Training 2020 headline targets and contribute to the EU growth strategy this way.

MEPS members of the Lifelong Learning Interest Group

European Commission’s Working Groups on Adult Learning and Citizenship

EAEA is currently a part of the Working Group on Adult Education as well as the Working Group on Citizenship. In these working groups EAEA is represented by the EAEA President and the EAEA Secretary-General. As members of the working groups the delegates participate in hearings and meetings of the group.