20.05.2022 LLL interest group, policy

Lifelong Learning Interest Group on values education and lifelong learning – recap

With the participation of President Metsola, the Lifelong Learning Interest Group of the European Parliament met on the 17th of May 2022 to discuss the question of values that are – and should be – taught in the education system and in non-formal learning. Chaired by Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP, the meeting brought together Members of the European Parliament, Civil Society Organisations, decision makers and practitioners, reflecting a variety of views on the role of value education in the European project and beyond.

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27.04.2022 Uncategorized

Fraud attempt in EAEA’s name

Attention! We have noticed that there has been a fraud attempt in EAEA’s name.

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11.04.2022 Erasmus+, Learning mobility

Include adult learners in Erasmus+ mobility actions – but do it right!

EAEA strongly supports the inclusion of adult learners in mobility actions in the new Erasmus+ programme from 2021 to 2027. However, first experiences from some European Member States show that the implementation of mobility actions for adult learners suffers from ‘teething problems’. We addressed this issue in our new statement, alongside a set of recommendations, to improve the programme.

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05.04.2022 advocacy, financial literacy, inclusion

Europe needs a coordinated approach to financial literacy

EAEA welcomes the Financial competence framework for adults in the European Union presented by the European Commission and the OECD as a positive first step towards the promotion of financial literacy, appreciating both the detailed account of the competences presented and the opportunity to develop targeted programmes based on the most relevant competences for certain learners. A comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to life skills for adults in the EU is needed.

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01.04.2022 Education in emergencies, refugees

European adult learning community is ready to support refugees from Ukraine in their learning pathways

Counting on the long-standing experience of adult education actors in welcoming and empowering newcomers, EAEA reiterates the important role that non-formal adult learning and education can fulfil in supporting refugees. In our statement, we make several recommendations to policymakers for short-term, but also mid-term and long-term actions to support refugees in their learning pathways as well as to support adult learning structures in Ukraine for reconstruction and reconciliation.

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29.03.2022 elderly, social inclusion

Erasmus+ project helps tackle the loneliness of the elderly

EAEA is taking part in newly launched Erasmus+ project COPE which examines how cultural activities can alleviate the loneliness and social isolation of older people.

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24.02.2022 Citizenship, Democracy, Solidarity

EAEA stands firmly in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

EAEA stands firmly in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Our values are democracy, mutual understanding and tolerance, respect for human rights and transnational and intercultural dialogue. EAEA calls for a diplomatic solution to the crisis to protect the people of Ukraine and our shared values, while assuring assistance and humanitarian aid to those in need.

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23.02.2022 advocacy, skills, Upskilling

Upskilling Pathways needs to put learners at the centre

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) welcomes the European Commission’s Public Consultation on Upskilling Pathways. Adopted by the European Council in December 2016, the Upskilling Pathways strategy presents an ambitious skills strategy that has enabled adults in Europe with low(er) basic skills, according to policy targets, to have their skills assessed, receive tailored learning provision and have their learning outcomes validated. EAEA has collected feedback from its members on the state of the implementation and the impact of the strategy.

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21.02.2022 EAEA Grundtvig Award 2022

Applications are open for the 2022 Grundtvig Award

Hurray! Our call for applicants for the 2022 Grundtvig Award is now live. This year we are searching for programmes and initiatives dedicated to transformative learning and values in adult education and learning.

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08.02.2022 digitalisation, EAEA Grundtvig Award 2021

“We need rights-based education about digitalisation”

“Civic education can offer a unique perspective which is lacking in learning about the digital in Europe”, says Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, coordinator of the DIGIT-AL project. The Grundtvig Award winning project explores the human rights aspect of digitalisation.

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