EAEA campaigns raise awareness on issues connected to adult education on a European level.

European elections 2019

EAEA wants to make the candidates for Member of the European Parliament (MEP) aware about the importance of adult education and invite them to support EAEA’s vision of a Learning Europe.

MEP candidates replies to EAEA’s questions on adult education

The European elections are an opportunity to create a Learning Europe

Theme of 2019: Life skills and participation

EAEA’s theme of 2019 is life skills and participation. EAEA will be exploring the topic of life skills, especially with regard to how it ultimately impacts participation in adult learning.

Theme of the year 2019: Life skills and participation

Theme of 2018: Cooperation and partnerships

Adult education strategies, practices and projects are more efficient when we work together.

EAEA’s theme of 2018 is cooperation and partnerships.

Funding for adult education

The campaign’s focuses on increasing the role of adult education in the Erasmus+ programme and the European Social Fund. In the campaign we call for more funding and more flexible project mechanisms for adult education.

Policy messages: Adult Education and Refugees

In 2017, EAEA published policy messages on how adult education can help integrate refugees.

EAEA Year of Adult Education 2017

In 2017, EAEA invited all its members and other adult education organisations to celebrate the power and joy of learning through their events. The campaign gathered over 100 events to participate in the campaign.

European Elections 2014

The European Parliament is elected every four years. Before the elections of 2014, EAEA contacted MEP candidates to ask about their views and aims on adult education.