How to join

EAEA membership is an opportunity to become part of a European wide network of adult educators.

In order to candidate to become an EAEA member, you need to fill our application form and submit it. Please prepare your information and documents before filling in your application. In case you have questions, please contact EAEA Membership Officer Aleksandra Kozyra.

Membership types

EAEA’s membership fees are calculated based on the member organisation’s annual turnover. The yearly turnover is the basic figure to calculate the membership fees. In addition to the fee the members pay for the bank charges when paying the membership fee. The membership fees are are increased annually with a rate that corresponds to the yearly increase of the Belgian National Health Index.

EAEA has two types of memberships. A scale accounts for the two different membership categories:

Ordinary members: Ordinary members are national coordinating organisations in Europe and national organisations in a European country where there is more than one coordinating organisation, or where there is no national co-ordinating organisation. Ordinary members carry the right to vote in the EAEA General Assembly.

Associate members: Local, regional, and international organisations.


Membership fees for 2021

Organisation’s TURNOVER in Euro

Ordinary Members

Equal or more than 5 000 000 12,174
Equal or more than 1 000 000 6,086
Equal or more than 750 000 4,060
Equal or more than 500 000 2,434
Equal or more than 200 000 1,160
Less than 200 000 406

Organisation’s TURNOVER in Euro

Associate members

Equal or more than 5 000 000 1,353
Equal or more than 750 000 811
Less than 750 000 203


What happens after I submit the application form?

  • Your application will be on the agenda of the next EAEA Executive Board meeting. The Board meets 3–6 times a year.
  • The Board will either approve or reject your application, or ask for more information.
  • Once the Board has approved your organisation, you will be listed as a candidate, which means that you start getting advantage of EAEA’s information services.
  • At the next EAEA General Assembly, the list of member candidates will be presented and approved by EAEA members, and from then on, you will be listed as an official EAEA member.


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