Basic skills and Bildung

The fifth publication of the Bildung project discusses Bildung and its connections to basic skills learning.

Adequate basic skills enable inclusion and participation in the complex and rapidly changing information society. In our complex world, we are required to be multi-literate and media-critical. We also need critical thinking more than ever. Besides these crucial skills connected to (digital) information processing, we also increasingly need different numeracy skills in our daily lives. We also need to have self-efficacy and the ability to make right decisions at the right time.

Basic skills and Bildung publication examines the theoretical background of basic skills learning and suggests a more holistic approach to learning basic skills, connecting Bildung approach to the Life Skills Framework developed by the Life Skills for Europe project.

Basic skills and Bildung (pdf)

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Summaries of the paper

Basic skills and Bildung (EN)

Habilitats bàsiques i Bildung (CAT)

Põhioskused ja Bildung (EE)

Βασικές δεξιότητες και Bildung (EL)

Grundbildung und Bildung (DE)

Grundlæggende færdigheder og Bildung (DK)

Perustaidot ja Bildung (FI)

Abilitățile de bază și Bildung (RO)

बुनियादी कौशल और बिल्डुंग (HI)