European and international policies

,Adult education is necessary to implement most European and international policies.

  • Adult education undertakes outreach and empowerment actions to reach out to and support those furthest from learning and work and those who have benefited least from initial education.
  • Adult education is necessary to reduce the high number of people with low basic skills in Europe.
  • Adult education provides European citizens with the competences to think critically and be well-informed.
  • Adult education provides opportunities to improve self-confidence, become more socially included and gain employment or progress in work.
  • Adult education is raising Europe’s employment rate by getting people (back) into work, by validating their skills and competences or upskilling them.
  • Adult education is implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights, especially the first key principle of education, training and lifelong learning but also the other principles by putting the learner and his / her needs
    (e.g. work-life balance, social protection) at the centre.
  • Adult education puts the values of the European strategy as equity, social cohesion, active citizenship, and also creativity and innovation in focus.
  • Adult education makes progress on the Sustainable Development Goals and underlines that efforts of all people are necessary. Adult education ensures the necessary knowledge and attitudes.
  • Adult education strengthens civil society and active citizens through promoting and providing social and civic skills and cooperating with other NGO stakeholders.