Sustainability and Bildung

The fourth output of the Bildung project, Sustainability and Bildung, reflects the Bildung concept in relation to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) claims that a transformation of policies, systems, and contents of education is needed. While focusing on these aspects, ESD acknowledges as well that the development of new cultures of learning and teaching is essential. This is the place where Bildung comes in. The objective of the Sustainability and Bildung report is to use the concepts developed mainly by Lene Rachel Andersen in her reflection on Bildung and Folkbildning to enrich the debate and practice in ESD.

Sustainability and Bildung (pdf)

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Summaries of the paper

Sostenibilitat i Bildung (CAT)

Sostenibilidad y Bildung (ES)

Bæredygtighed og Bildung (DK)

Kestlik areng ja Bildung (EE)

Sustainability and Bildung (EN)

Kestävä kehitys ja Bildung (FI)

Αειφορία και εκπαίδευση (GR)

Duurzaamheid en Bildung (NL)

Sustenabilitate și Bildung (RO)

शाश्वतता और बिल्डुंग (HI)

Nachhaltigkeit und Bildung (DE)