EAEA theme of the year 2020: outreach and access

Working on outreach and access is important for ensuring that those who would benefit most from adult education are able to participate.

Improving wellbeing, wages, self-confidence and social inclusion, adult education can help to promote equality in European society; this however is dependent on participation, and especially participation from those who could benefit most from developing their skills. Those least likely to access adult education are often the ones that need it most. For many low-skilled adults, education is shrouded by stigma and discomfort, and outreach and access programmes can help not only in developing the confidence of these adults, but also in providing them with skills or qualifications to develop their employability and careers.

Being flexible and prepared to tailor education offers to work with the needs of disabled learners, or account for changes to make learning more suitable for those with certain cultural or religious beliefs is also an important part of making sure that every adult has the opportunity to learn.

Finally, diversity in the adult education classrooms provides a space and opportunity for inter-cultural dialogue, encouraging integration or inclusion and helping to break down barriers in areas with strong cultural divides or tensions.

Working on outreach and accessibility is important for developing all of these indirect benefits of adult education and learning, and also helps to keep participation rising. Over 2020 EAEA will focus on promoting inclusive education for all, bringing to the fore the topic of barriers to learning. EAEA will work on these topics by exploiting the results of a successful project completed in 2018.

Our aims:

To increase participation in adult learning by developing systems for outreach
To raise awareness, at a European level, for outreach and accessibility of adult education
To raise awareness of the importance of learner-centred approaches in adult education

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