30.11.2023 advocacy, Erasmus+, European Education Area, Learning mobility

From ‘Youth on the Move’ to ‘Europe on the Move’

Thanks to years of advocacy and multiple efforts in the last months, EAEA has succeeded in making adult learning an integral part of the new learning mobility framework. The new framework was proposed by the European Commission in mid-November.

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28.11.2023 financing, policy

Decreasing funding levels – and yet expecting miracles?

Recent reports from EAEA’s members reveal that Adult Learning and Education is facing considerable financial cuts in many European countries. Notably, Sweden and Finland which are known for their traditionally strong support of non-formal ALE, are now facing severe cuts.

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27.11.2023 cooperation, research

Connecting research, policy and practice: a new collaboration brings EAEA and ESREA closer together

A memorandum of understanding, signed last summer by EAEA and the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA), aims to strengthen the collaboration between the two organisations. EAEA’s Gina Ebner and ESREA’s Marcella Milana reflect on the past and future activities that brought both networks closer.

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21.11.2023 advocacy, life skills, Upskilling

We need skills for the labour market – and beyond!

EAEA welcomes the great interest that the European Year of Skills (EYS) has brought to skills and ALE, as we believe that this area is of enormous importance for the future of Europe. Six months into the thematic year, it is time to take stock, shedding light on the connection between skills and work – and looking at how we can go beyond skills for the labour market.

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30.10.2023 EAEA Grundtvig Award 2023, social inclusion, sustainability, Transformative Learning

Sustainable agriculture and women’s empowerment in Armenia

In the picturesque regions of Shirak and Gegharkunik in Armenia, an initiative was born with a clear mission: to enhance the economic well-being of local women. While focusing on economic empowerment it has also sparked a green revolution in the community. This project has earned itself the 2023 EAEA Grundtvig Award in the national category for adult learning and the green transition.

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30.10.2023 advocacy, gender, trainings

Unsettling the water: adult learning and women’s empowerment around the globe

At the last edition of the Academy of Lifelong Learning Advocacy in Beirut, EAEA’s Aleksandra Kozyra has spoken to educators from Lebanon, Algeria, Nigeria, Uruguay and Ecuador about their work in women’s empowerment.

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24.10.2023 disability, inclusion

Inclusion in adult education: There is still much to do

In adult education, the participation of people with disabilities is only rudimentarily realised. Appropriate concepts and political framework conditions are lacking. In many places, however, individual institutions or professionals are committed to inclusion. ALL IN, a European project, coordinated by the Akademie Klausenhof, has spent three years intensively examining the status, possibilities and limits of inclusion in adult education.

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24.10.2023 digital literacy, Uncategorized

Call for tutors: AI4AL looks for adult educators to test its AI tools for adult learning

AI4AL project, is an initiative aimed at promoting the adoption of AI technologies in the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. We are currently reaching out to invite the tutors to actively participate in our project’s processes, including testing, piloting, and providing us with insights concerning their experiences with AI.

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18.10.2023 EAEA Executive Board

George A. Koulaouzides appointed as third Vice President of the EAEA Board

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is pleased to announce the appointment of George A. Koulaouzides as the 3rd Vice President of the EAEA Board.

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11.10.2023 EAEA Annual Conference, EAEA Grundtvig Award 2023, green transition, sustainability

Empowering a circular future: innovative online course drive sustainable change

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, initiatives that foster sustainable practices and empower individuals to embrace circular economy principles are crucial. One such initiative is the “Green Skills for Circular Economy” project, which won the Grundtvig Award 2023 in the category of transnational initiatives.

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