15.12.2022 LLL interest group, policy

Lifelong Learning Interest Group on Investment in Learning Mobility – recap

The Lifelong Learning Interest Group, chaired by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen, met 29 November to discuss Investment in Learning Mobility.

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14.12.2022 advocacy, quality

For a new approach to quality in ALE

Quality assurance in adult learning and education (ALE) can be more challenging than in other sectors – the provision is very fragmented and in many countries it is underfunded and not easily categorised. EAEA’s Quality Working Group developed recommendations for a new approach to quality assurance for the sector.

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13.12.2022 Bildung, digitalisation

Digitalisation and Bildung – 21st century challenge

According to the new publication by the Bildung project, “Digitalisation and Bildung”, Bildung must accompany the digital transformation of our societies. The paper explores, how Bildung and digitalisation complement each other. What are the benefits, and what are the risks?

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08.12.2022 advocacy, Transformative Learning

Transformative learning and values: conclusions from a very successful annual theme 2022

EAEA is happy to present its background paper on the annual theme 2022 on transformative learning and value. This year’s theme was a voyage into new waters, a search and exploration of possibilities, partnerships, and perspectives, and most importantly, a journey to the heart of adult learning and education.

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28.11.2022 advocacy, Erasmus+

A wider access to Erasmus+ programme is needed in Eastern Europe

EAEA urges the EU to offer more opportunities for participation of Eastern European non-EU countries in the Erasmus+ programme.

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28.11.2022 advocacy, life skills, sustainability

2022 – a year that will shape the adult learning and education of the future?

2022 has, so far, been a very eventful year for adult learning and education at the European and international levels. Together with civil society partners, EAEA has been bringing the voice of adult learners into the discussions and negotiations on several key adult learning policies.

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18.11.2022 access, advocacy, energy crisis

Call for urgent action to mitigate the impact of the energy crisis and inflation on ALE provision

European adult learning and education organisations are ringing the alarm bell: the energy crisis and inflation in Europe are spreading far and wide and are starting to show their negative impact on the adult learning and education (ALE) sector. EAEA calls for urgent action to mitigate the impact of the energy crisis and inflation on ALE provision and to ensure access to learning opportunities for all adults.

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11.11.2022 Bildung, Democracy

Rethinking democratic education

A recent publication by the BildungALE project, “Democracy and Bildung”, explores the relationship between the two concepts. The paper describes how the Bildung approach contributes to democratic adult education.

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31.10.2022 EAEA Grundtvig Award 2022

Grundtvig Award 2022 publication out now

Get to know the innovative projects that applied for the 2022 EAEA Grundtvig Award on transformative learning and values.

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28.10.2022 EAEA members

Helping to cross bridges between organisations and people – meet ACEFIR

“It’s important to be a member of EAEA because networking is crucial to achieve the goals we have set,” says Anna Delort from ACEFIR. This article is part of EAEA’s campaign introducing our members to the European adult education community.

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