Outreach and Access

EAEA’s theme for 2020 is outreach and access.

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Manifesto for Adult Learning

EAEA manifesto outlines the challenges where adult education can play a key role.

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European elections 2019

The European elections are an opportunity to create a Learning Europe. Read the replies from MEP candidates.

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09.04.2020 COVID-19

Is learning still fun?

For many of us, the ongoing pandemic means being stuck at home, left with an overabundance of time and at the mercy of a decent internet connection. It would seem like a perfect time to take up some learning; isn't that what everybody else is doing?  Yet if we sign up for a new online course, aren't we just bending to the pressure of still being productive when everything else is on pause? Can we even enjoy participating in community theatre if, of all places, it has somehow moved online? In other words: is learning still fun? We dedicate this important topic all the attention it deserves, and have called on three experts to help us with the conundrum.

07.04.2020 COVID-19

Everyone counts, is what this crisis teaches us

"You live and learn", they say. No one has ever lived through a situation as the current Coronavirus pandemic, and so, we should probably all find something to learn from it. If each and every one of us takes time to reflect upon different philosophical questions, appreciate different aspects of our existence, and make a number of good resolutions for our lives after this lockdown, I hope that we will all learn one simple – yet powerful - message: in this world, everyone counts. Our EAEA Project Manager shares her reflections on the Coronavirus crisis. 

02.04.2020 COVID-19

Outreach and access to learning during the coronavirus pandemic

One question currently unites all educational sectors: how can learning and teaching be organised during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, and how can marginalised groups be included? Measures to contain the outbreak forced schools, universities, adult education centres and other educational institutions to suspend all face-to-face learning offers. Barriers to learning that have existed for learners from vulnerable groups before the pandemic are reinforced through the rules for “social distancing”, report EAEA members from all over Europe.

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