Outreach and Access

EAEA’s theme for 2020 is outreach and access.

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Manifesto for Adult Learning

EAEA manifesto outlines the challenges where adult education can play a key role.

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New European Agenda for Adult Learning

EAEA calls for a strong adult education and learning policy at European level.

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15.06.2020 projects

Call for expression of interest

EAEA is about to start a project that will give support to the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture to develop a new Lifelong Learning strategy. EAEA is looking for an organisation to support the implementation of the project in Cyprus.

15.06.2020 advocacy

EAEA meets Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

EAEA's President Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Secretary-General Gina Ebner and Ms Doris Pack, former MEP and chair of the CULT Committee in the European Parliament, met online with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel on 11 June to discuss the future of adult learning at the European level.

18.05.2020 advocacy

EAEA launches campaign for a continuation of the agenda for adult learning

EAEA has launched a campaign for the continuation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning. The agenda has been central for improving adult learning structures and increasing participation in adult learning, but has not yet been fully implemented in all countries. EAEA believes that a further push for adult education at the European level is needed.

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to 23.10.
Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (KVS)

My name is Jana and I am delighted to start working as the new Policy Assistant at EAEA. I am currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Education Policies for Global Development, co-convened between Barcelona, Glasgow and Cyprus. Exploring non-formal adult education in different fields in the past has strengthened my commitment to social justice and the conviction that adult education is crucial for social change. From a research perspective, I am passionate about democratic and civic adult education and sustainability related life-long-learning policies, such as green skills and resilience building.

EAEA inspired me as a multicultural NGO with dedicated members envisioning European life-long-learning futures and as an actor that advocates for civil society and aims at influencing EU policy. In the upcoming months, I will research how existing adult education policies in Europe are realized in the particular national contexts, support webinars and other online events. Alongside, I hope to further investigate the role of green skills on the EU policy agenda and learn from the team at EAEA.
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