Tools are a variety of didactic accessories that can be used within teaching and learning approaches. This includes multimedia tools such as videos, computer games and applications, as well as literacy and sports activities, real-life materials, handcraft and other workshops, etc.

An innovative approach

This collection of innovative tools represents relevant examples of tools that contribute to the development of life skills. The instrument for collection included several sections, which provide valuable information and ideas about the tools for potential users and also for analytical purposes. Special emphasis in the instrument was also placed on the description of applicability and the main benefits of the tools for learners, where the description is supported when possible by authentic quotations, photos, videos and products of adult learners.

To whom they are addressing to?

This selection of tools is designed to be of immediate use for informal learning providers and can be used as a basis for the development of further tools. The collection could also be used as a guideline for further research (i.e. on common transversal principles to be used in the EU for renovating adult education in the area of life skills) and as a concrete and immediately usable database of applicable and transferable ideas.

Are you an adult learning provider yourself? Want to test new tools or enrich and further expand your current practice? Check out the database below.


Type Title Themes and relevant capabilities  Target group Language
Tool Educational movies  about key competences (2012-2014) Key competences (literacy, digital, civic, personal and interpersonal) Vulnerable and marginalised groups SL, (EN)
Tool BBC Skillswise (2002/2011) Numeracy, literacy Adults EN
Tool Citizens’ Curriculum resources (2015-2017) Literacy, numeracy, ICT, health, civic, financial Immigrants, homeless and vulnerably housed adults; young adults; offenders/ex-offenders; people experiencing or recovering from alcohol or substance misuse; people with physical/mental health issues; vulnerable and marginalised groups EN
Tool Value My Skills for Young Adult Carers (2014-2017) Personal and Interpersonal, health, civic Young adult carers, could be tailored to support careers guidance for other target groups EN
Tool Dialogic Literary Gathering (1980) Civic, literacy, environmental, personal and interpersonal Open to anyone, low socioeconomic background / low-skilled; children; teenagers;
young adults; families; adults, elderly people;
Tool Voices In Pictures project – picture databank (2013-2015) Literacy, civic, personal and interpersonal Immigrants and refugees EN, FR, DE, ES
Tool I want to learn ( (2004) Numeracy, literacy Low socioeconomic background / low-skilled; autonomous learning tool for individuals, but can also be used as part of a course DE
Tool I want to learn German ( (2011-2013) Literacy, personal and interpersonal Adult learners, Immigrants and refugees; Autonomous learning tool for individuals, but can also be used as part of a course DE
Tool The Real Game (1994/2012) Personal and interpersonal, civic Teenagers DA, NL, EN, FR, DE, EL, HU
Tool e-Reflect (e-Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques) (2015-2017) Civic, digital, personal and interpersonal Educators working with school students, educators working with university student, educators working with adults EN, EL
Tool NESSIE Personal and interpersonal Disadvantaged groups, vulnerable and marginalised groups NL, EN, DE, EL, IT, RO, SE
Tool Us & Them (2015-2017) Civic, personal and interpersonal Educators working with adults EN
Tool The Competence Game (2014) Civic, personal and interpersonal Adult learners, educators working with adult, guidance counsellors DA, EN
Tool Board of Overview (2013) Civic, personal and interpersonal Adult learners, young vulnerable adults Any
Tool Value-cards and drawings (2012) Civic, health, personal and interpersonal Adult learners; school students from lower and upper secondary education Any