Reflections on Bildung

What is Bildung and why do we need it? Bildung project is publishing a series of reflections on what Bildung means to our partners.

A man holding Bildung sign and text: Around Europe, adult educators are facing the challenge to better support citizens in mastering the major changes in their life, their work and the society as a whole. The idea of Bildung can inspire us to master these changes." Uwe, DVV International, partner of BildungALE project

A woman holding Bildung sign on the street. “To me, Bildung is a process starting from personal learning and development and continuing towards sharing of knowledge and experience until it makes a difference in society.” Sabin, SVEB

Woman holding Bildung sign in library and text: "To me, Bildung is a development approach that contributes to sustainable education for all. Bildung has a positive impact on our personal and professional life, family, community and society." Viorica, Pro Didactica, Republic of Moldova

Woman holding Bildung sign outdoors and text: "Bildung helps us to connect to what is essential in life and reflect on our attitudes towards others and the planet we live on. We need Bildung to cultivate sustainable and wholesome bonds with the rest of the world." Anna, Acefir, Spain

A man holding Bildung sign and text:“To me, Bildung means learning new things that make me think and reflect critically on my views. It also means fostering communication with others and widening my horizon in terms of changing my attitudes and behaviour.”

A woman holding Bildung sign and text: "For me, Bildung means constantly changing set of knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and understandings. It is growth of the mind and soul.“ Tiina, AFHSE, Estonia

Bildung for me is a chance to reimagine the way we perceive the outlets and the importance of adult education, in our political, sentimental and practical aspects of life."

A woman holding Bildung sign and text: "For me, Bildung is a never-ending search for what is good, true and beautiful in this world. And living accordingly. We need to learn together to take care of each other and our planet better."

A man holding Bildung sign and text: For me, Bildung is a human right. But it is also often – unfortunately – a rare good. It is not equally accessible to all and is sometimes really expensive. That should be changed.

A woman holding a Bildung-sign and text:""For me, Bildung is a concept that allows everybody to learn whatever they want, about any topic they like or any skill they want to master. It frees education from being a tool and allows for it to become a means in itself.

A woman holding a Bildung-sign and text:"For me, Bildung is an ability to reflect your own life and make sure it corresponds with your core values. Having Bildung means that a person has an ability to reflect and go upstream against a mainstream."