Six NGOs (EfVET, EAEA, EVTA, CSR-Europe, Solidar and Euro-WEA) proposed to create and maintain a consultation platform open to all interested civil society actors in the field of lifelong learning and the future objectives of education and training systems in Europe. One of its main objectives was to enable people to develop and to maintain key competencies throughout life.


The objectives of the platform were:

  • The development of the existing consultation platform with civil society and the NGOs concerned by lifelong learning;
  • Systematic exchange of experiences between social partners, NGOs and others in the field of non-formal and informal learning;
  • A database on good practice, information and experience concerning essential aspects of the objectives, in particular basic skills in the sense of key competencies for a knowledge society.

Project partners:

  • EAEA [coordinator]
  • EfVET
  • EVTA
  • CSR-Europe
  • Solidar
  • Euro-WEA


The associations have been collecting good practice examples and organized a European seminar in May 2004 for the exchange of experiences and for dissemination of these examples. The selection of good practice examples reflected the situation in a large range of settings from the participating European associations and their member organizations, the seminar gave room for more organizations and individuals to comment on the examples, to bring more good practice in and to formulate recommendations to the Commission.
A handbook is available where organizations and individuals shares knowledge and experiences.

Current situation of the project:

The EUCIS-LLL, today known as Lifelong learning Platform has become a no-profit organisation under the Belgian law which gathers around 40 European networks working in education and training. Its purpose is to promote European-wide cooperation among civil society organisations, to build a citizen’s voice on lifelong learning issues and to propose concrete solutions based on the expertise, the competencies and the experience of its networks’ experts and practitioners.