Modules of 2016 course:

  • European policies
  • Citizenship, democracy and participation
  • Life skills for Individuals
  • Social cohesion, equity and equality
  • Employment and digitalisation
  • Migration and demographic changes
  • Sustainability

Networking and a Community

  • Virtual classrooms for discussion, sharing and tutor support;
  • A network of trainers and experts.

Mobility platform

  • Coordinated mobility network;
  • Mobility charter for host organisations.

For who?

For adult education professionals who…

  • want to increase their knowledge about adult education in Europe;
  • lack formal training in adult education;
  • want to improve their professional skills in adult education;
  • want to network with adult educators across Europe;
  • want to know more about adult education policy and advocacy on European level


After the course, the participants possess:

  • Understanding about adult education on European level;
  • A portfolio for the acquired competences to complement national certification;
  • A sustainable network across Europe for the exchange of ideas;
  • Professionalisation;
  • Opportunity to utilise mobilities.