What is ALE4TT?

Multiple global and European policy agendas recognise the challenges of the digital transition and the green transition, from Agenda 2030 to the European Green Deal. Increasingly, the green and digital transitions are no longer considered separately, but as a twin transition.

The twin transition assumes that the green and digital transitions are mutually dependent. Digital skills are essential for learning about climate change, participating in solutions or finding climate-friendly alternatives. Green and digital transitions are also connected, as large amounts of data are energy-intensive.

The ALE4TT project will support ALE organisations in better communicating, advocating and developing strategies to convince third parties such as policymakers why ALE has a crucial role to play in a just transition process. It will also support them in building a wider network with diverse allies from the broader digital and green community. 

The main outputs of the project are:

  • An international training programme on ALE and the twin transition, co-created with participants from ALE organisations
  • An advocacy toolkit bringing together case studies and methods that can support ALE providers in advocating ALE in the twin transition.