Archive – Intergenerational learning

Projects working with intergenerational learning are based on reciprocity and mutuality involving people of different ages where the generations work together to gain skills, values and knowledge

Partner projects

 ENIL – European Network for Intergenerational Learning

The main aim of project is to promote Intergenerational Learning (IGL) by bringing together and supporting sustainable, effective practice in the field and by facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise beyond individual projects, and by creating a mechanism for practitioners to influence policy and practice.



Generations in actions – the role of intergenerational learning in active ageing (GO-ACT)

The project focuses on intergenerational learning in different fields, such as adult education, working life, early years’ education, and intercultural contexts.



Promoting Active Learning and Ageing of Disadvantaged Seniors (PALADIN)

The project intends to contribute to the empowerment of disadvantaged seniors through the development of their readiness for self-directed learning.





ADDing quality to LIFE through inter-generational learning via universities (ADD-LIFE)

The overall aim of the project is to develop university modules for non-traditional students, especially senior citizens, providing an inter-generational learning setting.


Disseminated projects

Intergenerational Learning for European Active Citizenship (ILEAC)

The project aims at giving youngest and oldest citizens the opportunity to reflect on the reasons behind the European integration; boosting the debate on the relevance of EU policies on citizens’ daily lives; and initiating an intergenerational dialogue about the significance of the European values providing the target groups with the knowledge to actively participate to the EU democratic process.