Outreach and access: looking forward. Afternoon workshops on 19 November

How have adult learning providers reacted to the pandemic? What has been their the immediate response, and how are they planning to move forward? A series of parallel workshops will introduce you to inspiring stories and creative approaches to outreach and access from across Europe.

The case studies will serve as a starting point for a broader reflection on the new challenges and opportunities that emerged during the crisis, and on the way forward. Please note that the workshops are intended to be interactive. Register to the workshops by 18 November.

You will receive the link to the right Zoom meeting(s) after you have registered. The number of spots at each workshop is limited, so we advise you to make your pick early.

Outreach and access: looking forward. Parallel workshops 19 November at 1.00-2.00 PM

You can find more information on the workshops by clicking the pictures below.