Workshop: Building a targeted outreach strategy

Parallel workshop 19 November 1.00-2.00 PM CET
Speaker: Laura Lazaro Lasheras from Association DOTA, Spain

Knowing your community and understanding the barriers they might be facing is key in building an outreach strategy. Association DOTA, based in Girona, Spain, offers language and literacy classes, IT courses and guidance services to women with a migrant background. During the workshop, Laura Lazaro Lasheras will guide the participants through the steps taken by DOTA to better understand the context and learning needs of their target group (including the impact on COVID-19) and will explain how the findings informed DOTA’s outreach strategy.

Get to know Laura Lazaro Lasheras

Laura Lazaro Lasheras has studied philosophy and educational sciences. She has been participating in the field of adult education since 2012 when she started volunteering in local adult education civic associations. In 2016, together with some colleagues, the founded the Dota Association, an organization dedicated to supporting the learning processes of adult people with migration trajectories, especially adult women, since they are aware of the gender factors implied in educational exclusions over the world as well as the structural racist and sexist discriminations in our societies.


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