The project "The well-being of knowledge at the theatre and at the cinema"'s partners.

Increasing wellbeing through theatre and cinema

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2018. Targeting students of an adult education course in a technical school, the project promoted wellbeing at school  to reduce the risk of early school leaving. Mariadaniela Sfarra talks about the project.

What was the main purpose of this project?

“The project’s main goal can be found directly in the title, ‘The well-being of knowledge in theatre and in cinema’. We aimed at making learning and school attendance pleasant for the adult students through attractive ways of studying, like reading, cinema, and theatre. Specifically, the section devoted to theatrical work fostered team work and a useful feedback among students.”

How did the project foster cooperations and partnerships?

“The project was achieved thanks to a fruitful cooperation between the Adult Learning course in the Aterno-Manthonè school in Pescara and the actors of a local theatre school who guided the students through the public readings of the excerpts of the books. This created a new collaboration between the Adult Learning course and the learning course in the prison in Pescara. A performance of Goldoni’s ‘La Locandiera’ was staged in both locations, thanks to the help of the director, who took care of the technical details.”

The work at the prison led the students of the school to learn about a different reality and consequently this brought about a personal enrichment on a human level.

What was the best practice learnt from this project that you want to share?

“Transitioning from reading to performing was a great success. This allowed the students not only to release a lot of creative energy, but it also gave them the possibility to know themselves as well as others better. Finally, the work at the prison led the students of the school to learn about a different reality and consequently this brought about a personal enrichment on a human level.”

The well-being of knowledge at the theatre and at the cinema

Category: National projects
Coordinator: Theater School of Pescara
Country: Italy
Focus: Theatre education
Innovative cooperation: Cooperation between a theatre and students
Resources: Website

Text: EAEAPhotos: Theater School of Pescara

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