European Education Area: Let the EU know about the implementation in your country!

Find out more about the review process in our infonote.

The European Education Area (EEA) structures collaboration between Member States and stakeholders to build more resilient and inclusive national education systems. EU policy initiatives and strategies supporting the implementation of the EEA include the New European Agenda for Adult Learning (NEAAL), the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, and the Skills Agenda.

How can you make your voice heard?

Starting in May 2023, a consultation process will take place at the national level – i.e. with national ministries and departments working on the implementation of the EEA – as well as the European level and with key stakeholders from civil society, social partners etc. A public call for evidence will be launched during the summer.

Has a consultation process with key stakeholders – including adult learning and education providers and civil society – taken place at the national and regional levels?

If so: congratulations! It means that there is a good chance that your voice and your feedback will feed into the national report.

If not: Reach out to your regional and national policymakers to find out if they have submitted their feedback to the European Commission yet. If not, ask for possibilities to provide your feedback from a provider’s / civil society perspective.

We also recommend contacting your Members of the European Parliament and representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions to share your experience and feedback.

An Open Public Consultation evaluating the implementation of the EEA is planned for 2024. Civil society organisations and education providers will have the opportunity to submit position papers and suggestions for improvement. EAEA will collect feedback from its members and submit a response to the consultation from the European perspective.

We recommend EAEA members also submit a response to the Open Public Consultation that will open in 2024. You can use EAEA’s response as a template for your submission. We will be happy to support you with your response and the submission process!