Call for nominations to the Hall of Fame

The International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to honor individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the field of adult and continuing education.

The Call for Nominations is sent to the Hall of Fame membership and other identified professional organizations. All submitted nomination packets are forwarded to the Selection Committee appointed by the Board of Directors. The Selection Committee is responsible for screening and scoring of nominees and for proposing a slate of qualified inductees to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors then reviews, discusses, and, as appropriate, approves the Selection Committee’s recommendations for induction. The recommended nominees who are elected by the Board of Directors are then processed for induction.

The Induction for 2024 will be held with the University of Florence, Italy (UniFI) in Florence, Italy.

Eligibility for Membership

To be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame, a person must be eminently distinguished in the profession, shall have brought honor or distinction, and shall have contributed to the heritage of adult and continuing education.

Eligibility of Nominators

Any individual may nominate a candidate for membership in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame members and nonmembers may nominate and/or second two individuals per year. Non-member nominators are encouraged to seek advice from current Hall of Fame members in preparing their nomination.

All nominations must be seconded by at least one current member of the Hall of Fame in the form of a letter that adds the seconder’s personal perspective on the nominee’s impact on the field of adult and continuing education.

A non-member nominator needs a member seconder. It cannot be a non-member nominator plus a non-member seconder.

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