European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), Belgium

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is the voice of non-formal adult education in Europe. EAEA is a European NGO with 137 member organisations in 44 countries and represents more than 60 million learners Europe-wide.

EAEA is a European NGO whose purpose is to link and represent European organisations directly involved in adult learning. Originally known as the European Bureau of Adult Education, EAEA was founded in 1953 by representatives from a number of European countries.

EAEA promotes adult learning and access to and participation in non-formal adult education for all, particularly for groups currently under-represented.


RIO/FOLAC is the international mission for the 150 Swedish folk high schools. FOLAC is founded by RIO, the national umbrella organisation for the 107 folk high schools run by civil society organisations and SALAR representing 43 folk high schools run by local and regional authorities.

The mission of FOLAC is to:

  • Promote the interests of the folk high schools from a Nordic, European and global perspective;
  • Stimulate and support the participation of folk high schools in folkbildning and adult education projects within the EU and at the global level;
  • Enhance the cooperation between the folk high schools on international issues.

FOLAC wants to generate contacts between people and institutions engaged in folkbildning and adult education, and is actively engaged in international organisations as the Nordic Folk High School Council (NFR), EAEA and the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE).

The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (KVS), Finland

KVS works as specialist and service provider of adult education. KVS publishes, informs and educates. KVS cooperates internationally and speak for the importance of adult education. KVS networks, cooperates and challenges and provides opportunities for debate.

Strategic priorities of KVS include fostering lifelong learning (e.g. through Souli online media, Adult Education journal and KVS Forum events), building media literacy (e.g. through Civic skills via media education in Palestine project, events and communication), and connecting internationally (e.g. through Kulkuri School of Distance Education, Elm – European Lifelong Learning media and  the Communications Unit of the European Association for the Education of Adults – EAEA)

Learning and Work Institute (LWI), United Kingdom

An independent policy and research organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion brings together over 90 years of combined history and heritage from the ‘National Institute of Adult Continuing Education’ and the ‘Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion’.

LWI wants everyone to have an opportunity to realise their ambitions and potential in learning, work and throughout life. LWI believes a better skilled workforce, in better paid jobs, is good for business, good for the economy, and good for society.

Adult Education Society (AES), Serbia

Adult Education Society (AES) is non-governmental organization founded in 2000 and dedicated to promotion and implementation of the concept of lifelong learning, affirmation, support and improvement of adult education, support to the European integration and regional cooperation of Serbia through adult education, as well as promotion and support of Serbian andragogy.

AES act both as a kind of “think tank” organization and as implementing organization for different projects, through cooperation with large numbers of national, regional and international partner organizations. The main international partners are DVV International (Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association), EAEA (European Association for Adult Education), UIL (UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong Learning), SVEB (Swiss Federation for Adult Learning) and many other European adult learning national organizations. Since 2002. AES is a member of EAEA, and represents interests of non-EU countries in the EAEA Steering Committee since 2008.

Landesverband Saarland, Germany

Landesverband Saarland is a professional association of the Saarland adult education centres. The association membership consists of 16 adult education centres in Saarland, where approximately 120,000 participants take part in nearly 9,000 adult learning events every year. The association has a full-time open office in the state capital of Saarbrucken.

The main tasks of our association are advocating the interests of our members and providing supporting services to help them with supplying a comprehensive and quality-assured adult education, including:

  • Advising our members and customers in educational and organisational issues;
  • Organisation of training events for course instructors and employees of our members;
  • Implementation of internationally recognised examinations in the fields of languages and vocational training

Through the National Committee for Further Education of the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture, whose office is managed by our association, we are networked with all relevant actors of adult education in the Saarland. In addition, important pillars of our network are our memberships in the German Adult Education Association, in the EAEA, in the European Movement Saar, in the education network Saar and in the Language Council Saar.

Danish Adult Education Association (DAEA), Denmark

The DAEA is an umbrella organisation (NGO) catering for 34 countrywide member organisations, all working with non-formal adult education.

Our aims are to:

  • obtain better conditions and resources
  • support cooperation and networks
  • encourage development and innovation
  • position non-formal learning in the social debate

DAEA’s goal is to ensure the best possible conditions for non-formal adult learning. We consider it an objective of non-formal adult education to contribute to education of all individuals and to improve active commitment of every citizen in the development of a society of freedom, equality and democracy.

KERIGMA, Portugal

KERIGMA was created in 1996 and since then more than 15000 people have benefited from our activities. It is an association for innovation and social development in Barcelos, Portugal, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote innovation on:
– Education
– Social development
– Sustainability of the region and its people

Through social and lifelong learning activities and projects we provide to the community formal training courses, and also non formal and informal activities that promote well being, active citizenship and personal development.

One of our main focus areas is also the recognition and validation of competences of adult learning: Kerigma runs one of the first centers created in Portugal, since 2005 and has been working in the field of validation since then with more than 3000 adults in Portugal.

We also offer some other projects and activities to our region and partners related with gender equality issues and social inclusion.

International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)

ICAE is a global network with a specific mandate to advocate for youth and adult learning and education (ALE) as a universal human right.

It was created in 1973 and has 7 regional bodies (Africa, Arab Region, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and North America) representing more than 800 NGOs – regional, national and sectoral networks – in more than 75 countries.

ICAE is an organization in associate relations with UNESCO, with consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and observer status with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

It is a strategic network that promotes adult learning and education as a tool for active citizenship and informed participation of people.