Advocacy toolkit

The UP-AEPRO Advocacy toolkit consists of a set of good practices and recommendations that could be used to achieve progress in the implementation of the Upskilling Pathways initiative, both at practice and policy levels. The toolkit is the final output elaborated by the consortium of the UP-AEPRO project and is based on the practices and policies collected during the whole project’s lifespan.


After a brief introduction to the Upskilling Pathways initiative, the toolkit presents a collection of good practices on each step of the Upskilling Pathways initiative, as well as on its guiding principles. This enables readers to get inspired from other countries in Europe to make the Upskilling Pathways initiative a reality.

The statistics and learner voices chapters will support readers in acquiring policy messages and advocacy tools to get involved in the design, monitoring, and implementation of the Upskilling Pathways initiative.

The UP-AEPRO policy recommendations will help readers identify the fundamental steps to improve policies and practices on upskilling and reskilling in their countries. They include direct quotations about the concrete experience of the UP-AEPRO project participants, who have been working on the topic for months, together with the project consortium.

The glossary at the end of the document will help define the terminology used in this toolkit and to understand the approach applied by the UP-AEPRO partners.


The first target group is the national policymakers, who still might be convinced of the added-value and feasibility of the Upskilling Pathways initiative, and should be informed about the gaps and the barriers faced by the adult education providers in reaching out to potential learners and providing them with adequate and meaningful learning offers.  The second target group is the adult education providers and practitioners, who should be consulted more in the design of adult education policies and need advocacy tools to get recognition for their crucial job in upskilling and reskilling people all over Europe. The toolkit also addresses national adult education organisations who strive for exchange opportunities with other (European) colleagues on how to improve basic/life skills provision in Europe and thus contribute to the implementation of the Upskilling Pathways initiative.

–>Download the UP-AEPRO advocacy toolkit – Final version (pdf)

–> Download the policy recommendations infographic (pdf)