Participatory methods: Your personal logo

Why should I try it?

To help participants get to know each other in a creative way when you convene a workshop or training.

How do I apply it?

  1. Ask the participants to draw their personal logo, using as a starting point the first letter of their first name.
  2. Invite the participants to work in pairs to explain to each other the meaning of what they drew, taking one minute per person.
  3. Reshuffle the pairs. In a new set-up, ask the participants to guess what the other person drew and why. Make sure time is given for clarifications, with a total of one minute per person.
  4. Reshuffle the pairs again. Ask the participants to take 30 seconds to look at each other’s images. They can then take 30 seconds to comment on what they found interesting.

What will I need?

A set of blank sheets of paper (e.g. in A4 size), pencils or makers in different colours.

What else can I do?

Keep the logos of the participants until the part of the workshop or training, for example by pinning them on the wall. Participants can use the logos to add personal comments to their peers, for example to thank them for their contributions during the training.