Transnational prison up-skilling guidance and training model (SkillHUBS)

The project aims to develop a transnational counselling and training model for inmates and to elaborate recommendations for the introduction of the model into national prison education systems across Europe.

The introduction of the “skillHUBS” model into EU prison education systems will represent a significant improvement of EU prison education as it will provide more efficient tools for skills assessment among inmates, address actual offenders’ educational needs and provide tailor-made learning opportunities for each individual inmate.


– to enhance prison counsellors’/mentors’ capacity to for skills assessment, recognition, validation and development of inmates with innovative tools and methods,

– to up-skill and re-skill inmates with selected basic and transversal skills needed for contemporary and future occupations through development of highly innovative transnational model “skillHUBS”. We will focus on acquisition of:

  • BASIC SKILLS: Literacy, numeracy and ICT skills as well as on
  • TRANSVERSAL SKILLS: Complex problem solving, Critical thinking and Creativity.

– to provide recommendations for introduction of the model in national prison education systems with an aim to equip the inmates with basic and 2020 skills and thus improve their integration into education system, labour market and mainstream society after the sentence


The consortium will:

  1. Develop innovative methodologies (methodology for skills assessment, recognition and validation adapted to prison population; methodology for preparation of individualized problem-oriented, real-life scenarios for up-skilling and re-skilling of inmates; methodology for preparation of individualized document of learning achievements for inmates that will include educational goals, learning contents, record of achieved skills, mentor’s views on one’s progress)
  2. Test of the model in 3 selected countries –Slovenia, Malta and Romania – evaluate the impact of the model. Based on the pilot implementation and evaluation results the SkillHUBS model will be finalized.
  3. Elaborate of recommendations for introduction of the model in national prison education systems in other EU countries.

Long term benefits

The project will be skill-boosting hubs established in correctional facilities based on a model of counselling centres intended for acquisition of basic and transversal skills in individualized, real-life, problem-oriented learning scenarios with an aim to improve integration into education system, labour market and mainstream society after end of their sentence.



Centre for Education and Culture Trebnje (CIK Trebnje), Slovenia


  • Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE), Slovenia
  • European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA), Belgium
  • Stitching Foundation ICPA Office in Europe, The Netherlands
  • National Learning and Work Institute (L&W), UK
  • University of Malta, Prison Education and Re-Entry Programme, Malta
  • Penitenciarul Baia Mare, Romania
  • European Prison Education Association (EPEA) – Associate
  • Department of Penitentiary Institutions of the Republic of Moldova, Moldova – Associate
  • Creative Corrections Europe, Romania – Associate


Kick-off meeting , Ljubljana, Slovenia, 16-17 Jan 2018
2nd consortium meeting, Malta, 6-7 Nov 2018
3rd consortium meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 21-22 May 2019
4th consortium meeting, UK (due 12/19)