Tool: Educational movies about key competences

“Educational movies about key competences” is a tool developed between 2012 and 2014 by Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE). The tool targets vulnerable & marginalised groups and aims to enhance their literacy, digital, civic and Personal & interpersonal capabilities. It is available in Slovenian (English subtitles expected in 2018).


Picture 1: The case of a retired couple from the Educational movie on the ‘Mathematical, scientific and technological’ competence

The user-friendly presentations Educational movies about key competences from the Slovenian partner provide basic information on key competences in short movies (one movie per key competence) – responses to the real-life needs of individuals in real life situations, for example, in the case of a retired couple, an unemployed man, a young female migrant, a young dropout, etc. The main focus in the video is on the personal experience of an individual and the development of the particular key competence through some sort of a change the protagonist has undertaken.

Educational movies are practical tools for animation and gaining the motivation of learners from various vulnerable groups. They have a motivational character and address learners through role models that have everyday problems but solve them through learning.  Introducing a personal story causes the identification of participants in the field of adult education, and learning as the act of a protagonist in a video makes them think: ‘I can do it too, I have to do something.’ Emotional personal stories, therefore, engage learners in decisions to take individual actions, for example, they visit educational institutions and get information on learning programs. The educational part of the video is structured in such a

Picture 2: The case of an unemployed man from a movie on the “Learning to Learn” competence

way that spectators learn about all the main characteristics of the chosen key competence in a relaxed and humorous way.


Movies are multimedia tools, especially useful for those adults who have more problems with written texts and therefore easily accept information through video. The main characteristic of the movies is that they involve personal stories of narrators, which are presented in a way that reveal universal/transferable experiences that different adults can easily identify with. The enthusiasm shown by the main narrators regarding changes that have happened to them is transferable to other learners. Every movie includes concrete guidelines on how to take the first step in order to develop a selected competence. The didactic form of the movie is adapted to vulnerable groups of adults, so the educational content is presented in a very clear and simple way. Movies can be used either for the

Picture 3: The case of a young migrant woman from the Educational movie on the ‘Communicating in a mother tongue’ competence

independent individual learning or as a tool for group work and learning, as warm-up motivation and/or as a summary for repetition.