Tool: Board of Overview

“Board of Overview” is a project tool developed in 2013 by FOKUS Day Folk High School in Aalborg, Denmark. It is used in a process of creating overview, structure and meaning among the project participants (young vulnerable adults.) The use of the tool develops learning connected to civic, personal and interpersonal capabilities. It is not an online tool.

The Board of overview is used at The Danish Folk High School FOKUS. It consists of a table with a number of columns with different categories. These categories, with the last column containing effects achieved through the activities (such as self-insight, new perspectives and motivation etc.), represent a field for creating an overview of a development process in a community focusing on different aspects such as activity, competences and effects.

During conversations and reflections, while filling out the board, the participants become aware of competences developed through different projects. The process supports motivation for further learning and engagement in the community. The goal is to practise communication/collaboration through projects with their starting points in the participants’ ideas. The real values of the tool are the conversations and reflections among the participants, as well as the realization of learning.

The applicability of the innovative tool for the development of Life Skills

The use of the tool is meant at the time for a teacher/guidance counsellor and all the participants who are actively contributing. It is done in an appreciative way with respect and understanding of each other’s input and situation. It is a common, open and easily accessible overview/document, as well as a constant visual reminder of the common learning. The form is very flexible as different categories can be used depending on the goal. The form is simple, low-tech and effective. Since the tool is a framework for conversations, it requires some language skills and is facilitated by a teacher.

Picture 1: Examples of filled Board of overview from the Day Folk High School FOKUS