Live & Learn

The project was inspired by two observations, shared by most European education policy documents and relevant studies. Firstly, there is a clear need to increase participation in adult education across Europe; and secondly, new ways of sharing best practices among European adult educators must be found.  We have addressed these needs in an innovative way: through the medium of videos. This project produced innovative adult education promotional material for the use of adult educators and adult education advocators.

The project partners have produced videos about adult learners and educators with the purpose to raise awareness about adult education and increase the participation in adult learning. The learners that are portrayed in the videos tell the stories about their individual learning pathways. The videos about the adult educators aim to present best practices of innovative teaching methods in non-formal adult education.

The project is closed but lives on in many ways: the main outcome of the projects, videos about adult learners and educators, continue to raise awareness about adult education and increase the participation in adult learning.

We are happy to announce that we were invited to present the videos at the EPALE celebration of the World Teachers’ Day on 5 October 2016!

All videos are now also available on the Live & Learn Vimeo channel.

NB: The videos are open licence: that means that interested organisations/educators/learners can use and even edit them. Please let us know when, where and how you want to use them and send us links to your online media pages, screenshots or pictures of your activities. If you would like to edit the videos or use parts of them, please mention that they were produced in the framework of the Erasmus+ project Live & Learn and also mention the protagonists and the producing team.

ELM, the European Lifelong Learning Magazine, has published a theme issue about the Live & Learn videos. Read more at the dedicated ELM webpage.

Would you like to know more about the production of the videos? Take a look at the Live & Learn Instagram!

Target groups and outreach

Target group 1:

  • Adult educators and other practitioners
  • Policy makers

Through the videos, adult educators and people working in associations get to share an authentic moment with a colleague in another country and witness his/her work. Seeing another adult educator portrayed as an inspirational figure affects the viewers’ motivation, cross-cultural understanding and professional identity as educators positively. The viewer will be equipped with one or more best practice described in the video which he/she can instantly put to use in his/her own work. As a whole, the videos strengthen the viewers’ professional capacities and motivation. This is peer learning in a very time-economic and effective form. The viewer will also be directed to further resources of professional development. The videos will be published in LLinE journal where they will also be accompanied with an article analyzing the practices seen.

Target group 2:

  • General public
  • Policy makers

The viewer will see adult learning in a new, positive light and through a human experience (learner’s story) they can identify with. The viewer should realize that education opportunities are within his/her reach for an affordable price, learning has real benefits and that lifelong learning is an attractive lifestyle possibly very different from the school experience. The viewer will be directed to information about learning opportunities in his/her area.
Policy makers get to witness a positive example of adult education work and understand the personal and societal benefits learning has a solid investment.

Project products

The tangible results of the project are the videos. They serve as a practical tool both for adult education professionals/teachers and as an advocacy tool for adult education advocators. The videos share good practice examples from different countries tackling the specific adult education issue of their country. The videos will be disseminated widely through European networks of EAEA and the partners.


The partnership is formed by seven organizations with a wide knowledge and experience in the field of lifelong learning and adult education:


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Live & Learn kick-off meeting in Helsinki, Finland (22-23/01/2015)
Live & Learn partner meeting in Leicester, UK (21-22/01/2016)
Live & Learn multiplier event in Brussels, Belgium (29/06/2016)