Know your lifestyle – Introducing Sustainable Consumption in 2nd-chance education

The project has the purpose to introduce global education in the second chance courses, to create an innovative pedagogical approach for discussing sustainable consumption and globalisation with second chance students and to establish a strong thematic network among Adult Education Centres and NGOS about development education.


The final aim of “Know Your Lifestyle – Introducing Sustainable Consumption in 2nd-chance education” project is to make learners acknowledge the link between local personal consumption and the resulting global impact, and thus give young people the opportunity to look critically at their own consumption and to develop alternative courses of action.

Target groups

The project targets young, often underprivileged, adults in second change education and their teachers.


The main outcomes of this project have been the development of teaching materials and training opportunities which provides teachers with the capacity to deal with development education and globalisation; organisation of activities embedded with the second chance course that involves the students and creation of curriculums; a network in which experts not only in specific aspects of development politics, but also in development education or global learning get together and exchange methodologies and good practice.