GINCO – Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers

The aim of the network is to share expertise, to create and share useful material and to enhance communication and cooperation in order to improve the quality of Grundtvig courses, to enlarge the scope of provision and to improve the visibility and success of the action and the courses. GINCO targeted actual and potential Grundtvig course organisers, not only offering a forum for cooperation and exchange of expertise but also offering support for development, promotion of access, quality of delivery, accreditation and sustainability of their courses.


The objectives of the GINCO network are:

  • To contribute to improve the quality of Grundtvig European training provision and its accreditation systems.
  • To install effective mechanisms for co-operation between (potential) Grundtvig course organisers.
  • To strengthen the cooperation between the relevant stakeholders of Grundvig courses: adult education providers, National Agencies, the European Commission and other.
  • To contribute to the professionalization of adult education staff concerning Grundtvig course provision and delivery
  • To expand the Grundtvig course provision in LLP countries
  • To support dissemination and sustainability of the Grundtvig course provision.


GINCO is run by an international consortium of 21 partners from 14 different countries.

Target Group:

The direct network target groups are adult education staff from Grundtvig course providers, potential Grundtvig course providers, adult education providers in general, LLP National Agencies, educational policy makers at European, national and regional levels.


The network provides a wide range of support available to cover specific needs of the GRU training providers such as supporting course organisers to link up their courses with LLP policy, supporting organisers in applying appropriate, innovative adult LLL didactics for their courses, promoting the appropriate use of ICT in preliminary, face to face and follow up phases, supporting course providers in their care for quality, supporting improving intercultural skills of course organizers, provision of evaluation frames for the courses, supporting the organisers in follow-up and transfer of learning outcomes, helping organisers focus on course impact on participants, improving dissemination of programme opportunities and courses, analysing national course provision in LLP countries and develop strategies to turn this offer into Grundtvig course provision.



  1. International conference on quality of and ICT use in Grundtvig courses was organised in Izmir, Turkey, 27 – 31 October 2010.
  2. International conference on Validation of Learning Outcomes will be organised in Thessaloniki, Greece, 07 – 11 December 2011.
  3. International conference on Grundtvig Course Provision will be held in Belgium (Hasselt), September 2012.