Eda Edu – System in Action for Study Circles in Vocational Training

Eda Edu aims to develop competences for trainers concerning transfer of innovation in SMEs through the use of Study Circles. It is targeted on organisations of VET system and SMEs.


  • Develop transfer of innovation among European SMEs through the use of Study Circles
  • Define competence standards for trainers of Non Formal VET, concerning the transfer of innovation within SMEs through the use of Study Circles


EdaEdu realised, as a main project’s outcomes, an Open Transnational Consortium among other potential partners and stakerholders in Europe and a Transnational Service targeted at SMEs and the VET system.

A Consortium was created among partners with the aim of spread the initiatives among other potential partners in Europe. EdaEdu stakeholders, who could become Consortium’s partners, were: the VET system organisations, SMEs, entrepreneurs and managers interested in the exchange of innovation, SME Associations, Trade Unions, Research Centres, decision- and policy-makers, public-bodies etc…
The Consortium had a double aim:

  • for SMEs: create a transnational networks for the transfer of innovation among SMEs
  • for VET system: create a permanent transnational network on the exchange of knowledge and competences among trainers of non formal VET, interested in Study Circles and SMEs.

Consortium’s members had access to the EdaEdu Transnational Service. The Service provided them with tools, information and training materials in order to maintain and consolidate trainers’ skills on Study Circle through:

o a database for European trainers of Study Circle within SME (tutors and experts per country, towns, productive sector etc..), focussing in particular on transfer of innovation;

  • a database on e-learning tools and training materials which could be shared and exchanged;
  • case studies on best practices tested which will be classified by areas of interests and economic sectors;
  • on line consultancy targeted at SMEs for the realisation of transnational Study Circles on transfer of innovations in SMEs among European countries.

Main Activities

The project goals were reached through the realisation of the following main activities:

  • training activities for tutors and experts of Study Circle in SMEs (42 h)
  • test of 6 Study Circles for the exchange of innovation between Swedish and Italian SMEs (guided visits of entrepreneurs in both countries)
  • realisation of training materials targeted at the VET system for the improvement of trainers’ competences level (e-learning, ‘model of competence’ , ‘model of transfer’ of best practices etc..)
  • creation of the Open Transnational Consortium and the Transnational Service

The Partners