DILLMULI – Dissemination of Lifelong Learning Activities in Museums- and Library-Projects

The DILLMULI project aims at promoting European cooperation in the field of education by developing a knowledge and experience pool. This pool is an outcome of the valoralization of former projects in the field of museum and library education.


The project had the purpose to:

  • Promote European co-operation in the field of adult education
  • Pool knowledge and experience from valorised former projects in order to achieve concrete and innovative outcomes
  • Identify and disseminate methods for promoting demand for LLL among adult population
  • Identify, select and analyse products and results
  • Benefit from the innovative initiatives which have been identified so far
  • Develop innovative methods of dissemination in order to increase the visibility of Grundtvig outcomes and make the results more familiar.


  • Reshaping of existing results, products, disseminations of all projects run between 1995 and 2005 with the topic adult education and culture (institutions)
  • Disseminating the different forms of dissemination and to create a manual of best practice within dissemination
  • Organising focus group workshops in all participating countries with integration of former project-leaders or -partners from other projects and integrated into followed national/regional seminars
  • Creating an exhibition consisting of tables with short description of the former projects and their products and perspectives
  • Implementing the results into periodicals
  • Publishing the products and main outcomes of the project in the web by using all the existing websites of the participating partners


The final exhibition, which visualises the results of specially chosen projects, has been presented in the framework of EAEA General Assembly and Spanish Lifelong Learning Festival on 16 – 19. October in Aviles (Spain)
An extensive, validated tool-kit, translated into all partner languages. This was intended to assist both practitioners and policy makers to identify guidance and best practice across a wide range of aspects concerning the role of museums and libraries in adult education.
DILLLMULI valorization Report

Target groups:

All multipliers working in the context of museums, libraries, education profited from the outcomes (representatives, directors, trainers, museums-pedagogical staff, librarians, and educators in these cultural organisations). Through website and exhibition a broader range of interested persons were attracted. Specifically the exhibition opened up new dissemination channels.