ARALE: LitCam Literacy conference


The “LitCam Literacy Conference” takes place annually in Frankfurt, Germany, since 2006. It is held right at the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Target groups include experts, publishers and politicians. Since 2009, there is a main theme, like “Literacy and Human Rights” or “Literacy and Active Citizenship”, every year. “Literacy and Gender” was this year´s theme for the two-day conference. Experts were invited to speak and organisations from all over the world presented their work in the fight against literacy. The objective of the conference is to share experiences and raise awareness for special problems. Additionally, LitCam has an exhibition space at the Frankfurt Book Fair, in order to present special works at the “LitCam Live! Stage”. The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning is our partner for the event. One of the achievements of this campaign is that more and more people are becoming aware of the existence of “functional illiteracy”.

What was a key element of success?

Linking the conference to the Frankfurt Book Fair was a key element for success. it made it possible to raise awareness for the needs of special target groups with experts, publishers and politicians.