PIAAC study conducted by the OECD measures the skills among adults in different countries.

The OECD Survey of Adult Skills is an international survey carried out in 33 countries as part of the PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies. EAEA follows up the results with various activities and events.

In the framework of PIAAC, the OECD collects and analyses data that assist governments in assessing, monitoring and analysing the level and distribution of skills among adults. The OECD Survey of Adult Skills measures the key workplace and cognitive skills needed for individuals to participate successfully in society and for economies.

The evidence from the survey helps countries understand how education and training systems can nurture these skills. Policy makers, educators and labour economists will use this information to develop economic, education and social policies that will continue to enhance the skills of adults.

The first results of the survey were released on 8 October 2013.