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CEIPES - Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'Educazione e lo Sviluppo

Who we are

We are a non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007. We aim to empower people, communities and organisations by developing their potential through education and training, work, innovation and international cooperation. CEIPES’ goals are based on the needs of our target groups and the whole society.

Our key methodology for enhancing people’s personal and professional learning paths is fostering non-formal education. Through lifelong learning opportunities, we promote the personal and professional development of individuals. We design and implement innovative tools and methodologies in the field of education through cooperation at local and international levels. In our local communities, we foster capacity building by partnering with entities in different fields. We believe in promoting equality, inclusion and respect for diversity by encouraging an open intercultural dialogue between individuals and groups.


What we do

We work at the local, national and international level in the field of education. At the national and local level, we have strong cooperation with more than 50 entities. With them, we develop innovative educational methodologies and participatory tools to facilitate economic, social, and territorial cohesion and active participation. These often take on the role of key stakeholders, multiplying and further spreading the impact of the implemented activities in society.

At the international level, we developed partnerships with more than 500 entities with whom we share the same values. These include educational institutions, public bodies, companies and research centres.

Our Implementation Office has 4 units that deal with different topics. These include 1) Innovation, Technology, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship;  2) Human and Civil Rights; 3) Art, Culture, Design; Gamification; 4) Well-being, Sport; and Disability.

We also have a COMIT department which deals with all activities related to ICT. Such as dissemination and communication including “Rise Lab – Center for Innovation, Empowerment and Networking”, which manages CEIPES’ ANG in radio, the Pocket Cinetheatre, the STEM Lab with its additive manufacturing technologies (3D Printing) and the MADE (analogue digital empowerment museum).

CEIPES is also an Employment Agency, accredited by Sicily Region to provide employment services. These include orientation; skills assessment; job support; recruitment; and internship placement.

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in both coordinating and implementing projects within several EU funding programmes (Erasmus+, CERV, AMIF, EU4Health, CREA, ESF), our portfolio includes over 250 EU projects.

Best practices

  • BRAVE NEW WORDS (Erasmus + KA204; 2019 – 2022) – a project aimed at creating innovative learning pathways that increase the quality of the work of educators and staff members dealing with students with Special Learning Disorders (SpLD), using 3D Printing and Augmentative Reality.
  • CCJ4C – European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in Criminal Correctional Justice System (Erasmus+ KA3; 2020 – 2023). This project aims to develop training for the correctional sector staff. Focusing on the needs and skills required by this specific professional category and supporting policy reforms in the criminal correctional justice sector at the European level.
  • ALLVIEW (Erasmus + KA3 VET COVE; 2020 – 2024). This project will engage key industry representatives and regional training
    authorities with the aim of adapting all results to the sectoral needs and aligning them with all major VET policies, ensuring its sustainability.
  • ESCAPE RACISM – Toolbox to Promote Inclusive Communities (Erasmus+ KA205; 2020 – 2022). This KA2 project addressed the youth who want to use the escape room experience as an educational tool, trying to involve young people in raising awareness on important topics such as racism and discrimination.
  • SWING 2.0  (Erasmus + KA202; 2020 – 2023). The intention of SWING 2.0 is to follow the steps of the successful SWING project. It is facilitating with innovative and free-developed tools, the acquisition and use of basic sign language in different work environments where its use could enhance the integration of the deaf community at different levels.


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