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120 organisations from 43 countries.

Members in Italy

Associate member

Research Institute for Development, Economy and Innovation - Accademia IRSEI APS

We are a non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2019. At our Institute we promote studies, research, and projects in...
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Associate member

Didaxé cooperativa sociale a R.L.

We are a young and dynamic training agency. We aim to promote innovative and qualitative vocational programmes, valuable to participants...
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Associate member

CEIPES - Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'Educazione e lo Sviluppo

We are a non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007. We aim to empower people, communities and organisations by developing...
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Associate member

Arcipelago APS

Arcipelago is dedicated to promoting the well-being and personal growth of youth and young adults. Guided by the principles of...
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Associate member

Università delle LiberEtà del FVG - ETS

Università delle LiberEtà is a lifelong learning centre dedicated to adult education. With nearly five hundred courses organized each year,...
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Associate member

Università Senza Età - Città del Trattato (USE) Ageless University

Università Senza Età – Città del Trattato (USE) is committed to promoting and realizing several different courses: the main aim...
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Ordinary member

Confederazione Nazionale delle Universitá Popolari Italiane (CNUPI)

Le Università Popolari, iniziarono ad impegnarsi non soltanto istruendo un numero sempre crescente di cittadini di ogni età e condizione...
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Ordinary member

Associazione Italiana di Socioterapia (AIST) - Italian Sociotherapy Association ONLUS

AIST is a scientific, cultural and professional association composed of sociologists and researchers interested in sociology which was created with...
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