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Associazione Solidarci Caserta

Who we are?

Solidarci S.C.S is a social cooperative that aims to promote the civil and political rights of the beneficiaries and to encourage civil solidarity and sociability.


What we do?

The primary areas of intervention are: Training/Education; Migration; Young people and Culture

In what concerns the migration area, the services we provide for adults and minors that are asylum seekers are: Shelter; Italian language courses (L2); intercultural laboratories, organization of activities towards active citizenship; labor Market integration – helping find a job and/or specialized training; cultural mediation; Legal support.

For the area of Young people (minors and young people in risk of social exclusion) the services provided are mainly focused on school drop offs: Workshops, professional guidance, tutoring, mentoring, advocacy (specially in educational poverty), workshops on cultural digital awareness razing.

To develop these services, Solidarci is a member of several networks, for example, Rete Crescere al Sud and EAEA.


Our best practices

  • SPRAR Project (R.I.S.O. and The Thread of Integration)

SPRAR project provide to support for each individual in the reception system, through implementation of an individual programme designed to enable that person to regain a sense of independence, and thus enable effective involvement in life in Italy, in terms of employment and housing integration, access to local services, social interaction and scholastic integration for minors.

The project aims to implement the OED Grundtvig network results at different levels (policy and providers) as well as transfer them to different sectors (vocational, basic skills, etc.).

We design a pedagogical model for a conscious use of the Smartphone is an educational tool based on the Media Education methodology, addressed to teachers and educators to promote a critical and conscious use of the smartphone among young people.




EAEA brings together
120 organisations from 43 countries.

Members in Italy

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Confederazione Nazionale delle Universitá Popolari Italiane (CNUPI)

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Associazione Italiana di Socioterapia (AIST) - Italian Sociotherapy Association ONLUS

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