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Warsaw, Poland

to 15.10.

Designing a long educational cycle

This course is an opportunity for NGO trainers, educators and facilitators who face the challenge of designing and developing an educational cycle for one group, which is more complex and longer than two meetings, each at least two days long (the group is working more than four days altogether). Find out more from the website of EAEA member NGO Trainers' Association STOP.

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to 17.9.

EAEA Younger Staff Training 2021

The EAEA Younger Staff Training has taken place annually since 2011. While the training has considerably evolved over time, key elements have remained the same: the training targets young professionals in adult learning, encourages an exchange on the diversity of policy and practice across Europe, and supports building new connections in the field. Taking place in Brussels over five days, the daily programme builds on the participants’ knowledge of their own context by starting every morning with “adult education my…

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Working with migrants: how to foster inclusion in adult learning

In the last decade, migration put the European educational systems to the test: the large influx of migrants from different educational, economic and cultural contexts created mechanisms of rapid response to emergency situations and contingencies. To respond to this, Diversity project has developed and designed the first “migration related diversity training” for adult education providers to have a “diversity-informed” organisation and operational structure. You will receive in advance the modules and through the training we will present the coaching module…

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Going virtual with your (international) training: challenges and opportunities

Moving all teaching activity online has become a necessity for all of us. This has included international training programmes. Can international participants still benefit from a cultural exchange, make valuable connections and feel stimulated in an online environment? What has been lost, and what has been gained? During the event, you will hear from the organisers of the Adult Education Academy, a two-week winter school which for years had been organised in Wuerzburg, Germany - until the COVID-19 pandemic has…

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Taking the lead: women in diaspora communities as champions of learning

How can adult learning foster an environment which encourages women in diaspora communities to become champions of learning? During the event, you will hear from inspiring women who led the change in their communities. The event will take place 6.7.2021 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm CEST The event will be an occasion to share the findings of EAEA's partner project WIDHT. The programme is now available! The event is part of EAEA's July webinar series on inclusive adult learning.

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to 23.6.

General Assembly and FuturelabAE conference

On June 22 and 23, the EAEA General Assembly and FuturelabAE conference will take place virtually. EAEA members will discuss and vote on statutory business and elect a new Executive Board. They will also go over key policy issues that adult learning in Europe is facing together with Alison Crabb, Head of Unit for Skills and Qualifications at DG EMPL, European Commission. The event will also be an occasion to learn more about the newly launched "we are ale" campaign.…

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to 8.6.

Intall conference: Re-thinking Adult Education Research

The INTALL project partners have created an online conference which will focus on the role of Adult Education Research in the times of Covid-19 and on the importance of re-thinking Lifelong and Lifewide Learning for the future. Based on the four pillars of: Innovation and Future Competences in Adult Education Research Professionalization in Adult Education Sustainability, Inclusion and Wellbeing: Topics for Adult Society and Smart Cities Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in Post-Covid Times: A Digital Transformation, the sessions…

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to 4.6.

52nd eucen Conference

Learning for impact in a changing world highlights the role of CE at universities in enabling professionals to perform in a dynamic societal context to the best of their abilities throughout their careers. This conference will have 3 strands: 1. Impact of Societal change on UCE 2. The future of education and modern workplace learning 3. UCE as Professional Practice within universities The University of Utrecht invites us to participate in this event where we will emphasise that University Continuing…

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Webinar: Accessibility of digital learning

What do you need to keep in mind when organising an online course to make sure that it's accessible? Our colleagues from Atempo, Lisa Franz and Aaron Reitbauer, will share their tips and reflections on what makes an online learning environment accessible. Franz and Reitbauer are working for the ENTELIS+ project which raises awareness about the importance of accessibility as an enabler for inclusive learning and teaching. The project develops the digital skills of persons with disabilities and older persons…

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Virtual Event: Europe is more than the EU

The virtual event for EAEA-members on "Europe is more than the EU" will take place on 19 May, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm CEST. Especially non-EU members of EAEA are invited to join and discuss global developments in adult learning and education (ALE) and a new EAEA strategy on how to work closer with non-EU members. Inputs about CONFINTEA VII and the We are ale campaign will offer impulses for group discussions on how to strengthen ALE at the global…

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