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FuturelabAE-workshop on adult education and digitalisation

Adults and digitalisation of our society – How can we manage the challenges of digitalisation by using change oriented adult education? The workshop will clarify the concept of change oriented adult education, showcase change oriented adult education practices and tools, and give a chance to reflect how adult education can take a more proactive role in the digital transformation of our society. Workshop is organised by FuturelabAE-project partners and Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (KVS) in Helsinki, Finland. Read more on…

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Euroflat Hotel


Basic digital skills for inclusion and active citizenship of low-skilled adults

Concept Nowadays, digital inclusion is key to social inclusion and active participation in the community, in the city, in the labour market, in education, in leisure time activities, etc. Yet, according to Eurostat 43% of Europeans do not have basic digital skills. What does this mean? Who are those 43% and what do we mean by basic digital skills? The Digital Competence Framework for citizens has the answers. It defines the skills needed by ALL citizens to function in the…

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Brussels, Belgium


Conference: What role of education for responsible and safe online behaviours?

The European Conference on Digital Footprint is co-organised by the European Digital Learning Network (Dlearn) and the Lifelong Learning Platform, with the support of the DIGIT project partners. Find out more from the website of the Lifelong Learning Platform.

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World Teachers’ Day 2019

The Belgian EPALE support services are happy to invite you to their 4th celebration of World Teachers' Day. The 2019 edition will focus on outreach and guidance of adult learners. Find out more from the website of EPALE.

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Warsaw, Poland

to 2.10.2019

EPALE Conference 2019

The aim of the EPALE Conference 2019 is to engage European and national adult learning stakeholders, adult educators and EPALE users in constructive discussions about creating the best future for the EPALE community. Find out more from the EPALE website

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to 27.9.2019

EAEA Younger Staff Training 2019

The 2019 edition of the EAEA Younger Staff Training will bring together young professionals working in adult learning to exchange about the diversity of policy and practice across Europe, to learn about EU policy frameworks in adult education and advocacy from a civil society perspective, and more. This year we'll also put the spotlight on life skills, which we'll explore during a study visit at a Brussels-based adult education centre and during a workshop. Registrations are now open! Apply to…

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to 27.6.2019

EAEA General Assembly, Grundtvig Award and Annual Conference: Life skills and participation

In 2019, EAEA will hold its annual events on 26 and 27 June in cooperation with the Danish Adult Education Association (DAEA).  We hope you'll join us in Copenhagen to discuss life skills and participation! The updated programme is now available. Registrations are open! Register here before 31 May. We are delighted to announce that the General Assembly and Annual Conference will take place in Vartov, a historical building dating back to early Copenhagen, which is now run by the Grundtvigsk Forum…

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to 15.6.2019

Learning and Living in Diverse Communities: 11th ESREA BGL-ALC Network Conference

The call for participation is now open! The organisers are welcoming papers on the following topics: Adult learning and cultural diversity Methodolgies to research and act in diverse communities The policies of diversity and adult learning Building diverse communities Diversity in Intergenerational Learning More information available on the conference website.

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1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Local development through citizens’ empowerment – Final workshop of the LQN project

The workshop will present the results of the project LQN (LebensQualität durch Nähe-Quality of life through proximity) carried out by 5 adult education institutions in Austria, Germany and Italy and the European Association for the Education of Adults, which addressed the need of municipalities to empower citizens and improve their involvement in participatory projects to tackle civic and social challenges. The event will be a chance to reflect and discuss the role of education in fostering local and regional development,…

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to 29.5.2019

7 Day Summer Course Transformative Learning through the Use of Art: Emphasis on the use of Cinema, Fine Arts & Ancient Drama

Participating in this Summer Course, the trainees will be able to upgrade their skills by mastering an innovative method: The use of works of fine arts, literature and ancient drama. The participants will be provided with stimuli that will enable them to thoroughly understand and enjoy art and more particularly Ancient Drama. Moreover, they will practise in a way to critically approach social, moral, and philosophical issues, such as discrimination, domination, race/ethnicity and gender. Finally, those who teach will enrich…

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