ABF Norden (ABFN) – The Workers educational association of the Nordic Countries

Who we are

ABF Norden (The Workers’ Educational Associations of the Nordic countries) is a collaboration organization.

Members of ABF Norden:

  • AOF Denmark
  • TSL Finland
  • ASí Iceland
  • AOF Norway
  • ABF Sweden
  • ABF Åland Islands, Finland

What we do:

The association focuses on popular education and participates in both Nordic and international workers’ movements.

Through its operations, ABF Norden is to contribute to:

  • Reinforcing and developing values of societal, popular educational (non-formal adult education) and cultural nature on the basis of solidarity and shared responsibility.
  • Strengthening ties between the member organisations and, where appropriate, other sister- and partner organisations.
  • Assisting with the exchange of experience and information between member organisations and with other sister- and partner organisations.
  • Contributing actively to highlighting issues and activities that underpin popular movements at Nordic level.
  • Working to achieve shared objectives in the international arena.

Best practices

Two annual  inter-Nordic courses:

The Geneva School is a course on the ability of trade unions and popular movements to have an impact on the globalised community.

The course aims at providing the participants with a knowledge-based understanding of the Nordic model. They will also broaden their understanding of similarities and differences between the Nordic countries, the Nordic collaboration and the Nordic model’s possibilities and challenges.