Lärarförbundet – the Swedish Teachers’ Union

Who we are?

The Lärarförbundet – the Swedish Teachers’ Union (formerly known as Federation Folk High School teachers, and Swedish Union for Folk High School Teachers, SFHL) works with those students who aim to become teachers within the folk high school. It was started in 1902 and has since 1920 published the magazine FOLKHÖGSKOLAN. The main task for organisation is to represent its members and secure their union rights at the workplace. It also aims to develop the folk high school enterprise and protect the distinctive character of each folk high school. The members of the organisation are all, with few exceptions, active teachers or headmasters/principals at a folk high school. This means that the members have a strong and common professional identity.

What we do?

Organisation of folk high school teachers in Sweden has some 2 300 members.

Our best practices

Supporting Swedish folk high schools in cooperation with Folk Development Colleges in Tanzania, and supporting a lot of other projects in Africa and Asia.