Zveza Ljudskih Univerz Slovenije (ZLUS) – Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres (ASEAC)

Who we are?

Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres (ASAEC) is a voluntary, non-
governmental, non-profit organization of adult education centres in Slovenia,
established in 1959. Throughout the years of its activity, it has been an
important professional and strategic partner of the state authorities and
professional institutions preparing lifelong learning strategies. It plays a
significant role in adult education development, in introducing the findings of
andragogy into practice as well as in quality system development in the field of
adult education.
It covers the entire area of the Republic of Slovenia.
Adult Education Centres – the members of ASAEC– are educational, advisory,
promotional, motivational, development and information centres.

What we do?

The activities of each are aimed at their well-known local environment, where
they have established partner networks. Networking and knowing the
environment well enables them to consider all environmental specialities.
Therefore, they successfully adapt their activities to the educational needs of
their communities.
They strive to make adult education accessible under the same conditions as
well as in the same scope on the national level. As the sole public institution
established for adult education, they are bound to guarantee quality and strive
for high professional standards.

Our best practices

https://www.zlus.si/category/konferenca-2017/ – Conference “Do you realize
that the potential of your employees is to become your best investment?” –
more than 100 participants who came from public institutions and economy
https://www.zlus.si/category/izobrazevanja/ – free seminars for participants
and employees