Clubhouse Europe (CHE)

Who we are?

Clubhouse Europe is promoting the continuous development and dissemination of the psychosocial rehabilitation. Clubhouse model as a means of adult education to support the recovery and social inclusion of people with mental health problems, who are called members of a Clubhouse.

What we do?

By ensuring that Clubhouse members are at the heart of all activities the Clubhouse Europe advocates the social inclusion, education, labor market integration and community-based participation of people with mental disorders. In addition, the Clubhouse Europe collects the results of evaluation research on the Clubhouse activities.

Best practices

In years 2007 – 2009 the ELECT project was implemented (European Learning Communities for Training of People with Mental Illness), partly funded by the Lifelong Learning / Grundtvig –program. 13 partners from 9 countries were involved in the project activities. More information online:

In years 2010 – 2012 a continuation EMPAD project was implemented (Empowering Adults with Mental Illness for Learning and Social Inclusion), partly funded by the Lifelong learning / Grundtvig – program. 10 partners from 8 countries were taking part in the project activities. More information online: http://www.empad-project.euClubhouses provide an alternative training setting and learning possibilities for people recovering from mental disorders. Clubhouses can improve learners’ basic skills and learning-to-learn abilities.