Learn for Life – Dutch Platform for International Adult Learning

Who we are?

Learn for Life

  • is a network organization and a platform for local, regional and national organizations active in the broad field of non-formal education. We bring organizations around the table in order to exchange and discuss experiences with projects and policy documents for adult education in Europe
  • develops international projects and contributes nationally and internationally to innovation and dissemination of educational projects.
  • closely follows European developments, such as the implementation of the European Qualifications Framework, the strategic goals of Education & Training 2020 and the European discussions on adult learning. When appropriate, it develops action points in this area.
  • is a discussion partner for institutes of the European Union. It acts as advocate for developments in adult education in the Netherlands.
  • is a point of contact for ministries, local governments and institutions who wish to link Dutch policy on adult learning with international developments and viewpoints.
  • critically follows the policy of the Netherlands with regard to adult learning and tries, when necessary, to influence that policy in a positive sense.


What we do?

Learning Campaigns

Since 2012 are we the national coordinator of the Dutch Adult Learning Festival. Annually we award an International Prize to a Dutch organization that uses its own expertise in innovative projects in adult education at an international level. And annually we honor Outstanding Learners and Outstanding Teachers. We exchange and share knowledge about learning campaigns with European partners.

Rural Academy

In 2011 the Rural Academy was founded as an umbrella organization under which Learn for Life, together with other partners, develops activities in the field of rural development and education. At European level this concerns particularly learning partnerships and workshops & training. At national level, we organized several expert meetings, workshops and training sessions. Special topics in this field: rural development and intergenerational learning, vital villages for an inclusive and sustainable rural area, community houses and education, housing and care in the rural area, Study Circles Sustainability.

Round Table Discussions

Learn for Life took the initiative to a platform aiming at the exchange and discussion on the implementation of non-formal and formal educational activities. Participants in this platform come from research institutes, universities and educational institutes. In round table discussion we discuss the current issues professionals and volunteers encounter in organizing and/or supervising adult learning. This involves both methodological and quality issues as well as political and policy implications in this area.

Active Citizenship and Participation

Through several European and national projects, the organization is involved in defining competences in the field of education and active citizenship, targeting professionals, volunteers and adults in general. In this context, we are also concerned with basic skills and training of these skills.


Best practices

Projects since 2006 Year Partners Website
Land Life Learning LILLA 2006-2008 NL -ES -IS – NO – PT – SE
Adult Learners Week Evaluation ALWE 2007-2009 NL – FI EE – UK – CH
Learning Heart – community houses & education 2009 – 2011 NL – HY -GR -DK – UK
SMART – sustainable villages 2011 – 2013 NL -IS -PT – SI -UK SMART VILLAGES
Sustainable villages
and education
Vital Villages – Planning and Development 2009 – 2010
Vital Villages – Sustainability 2011
Vital Villages – for all generations 2012
Sowing the Learning Seeds SLS 2010 – 2012 http://pro.acs.si/sls
I-care – rural housing and care 2011 – 2013 NL – BE – DE -DK -ES -HU www.i-ca.re
SEA – training of basic skills trainers 2013 – 2015 NL -DE – ES – NO – TK
Tackling Poverty with learning campaigns 2013 – 2015 NL – CH – FI – HU – SI – UK


  • De oogst van 2012 (The harvest of 2012). Presentation of top projects and top learners. In Dutch.
  • De oogst van 2013 (The harvest of 2013). Presentation of top projects, top learners and teachers. In Dutch.