Latvijas Pieaugušo Izglītības Apvienība Latvian Adult Education Association (LAEA)

Who we are?

The Adult Education Association of Latvia is a non-governmental organization founded on December 14, 1993 with support from Latvia´s Ministry of Education and Science and Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association.

The aim of LAEA is to promote development of non- formal adult education systems and to participate in life-long learning policy making, thereby promoting development of a civic, democratic and open society in Latvia.


What we do?

Since its establishment LAEA has gained valuable experience in organising various activities on local and national levels. LAEA has created a co-operation network of adult education providers from all towns and districts of Latvia, prepared trainers, elaborated and approved training programmes, training and methodological materials.

The Latvian Adult Education Association:

  • supports and cooperates with all interested adult education agencies and organizations in Latvia, regardless of location or legal status,
  • implements projects with partners in Latvia and overseas,
  • prepares projects on adult education.


Best practices

Grundtvig multilateral project “Creativity and Enterpleneurship Seeds for Social Inclusion“, 2009-2010,

Grundtvig multilateral project ” Improving Educator’s Resilience to Stress” 2010-2011,

Grundtvig learning partnership project “Robots for intergenerational gap” 2011- 2012,

EACEA project “Towards an Integrated system for validation of non formal and informal learning“, 2012-2013,

Erasmus + Project “Work on it! Take an active part for the future of young people in Europe” (2015-2018)

Erasmus + Project  “WhomeN-Active Socio-occupational of Women at risk of social exclusion through the recognition of competences and learning soft skills in order to offer New professional opportunities at home society” (2017-2020)