Association for Folk High Schools in Estonia

Who we are

Association for Folk High Schools contributes to the development of Folk High Schools throughout Estonia and to increase their capacity to provide education to adult learners, especially to those who, due to limited opportunities, are not yet able to participate in the education, as well as those who wish to enrich their lives and provide quality leisure time training. Association for FHS is the social partner for Ministry of Education and Research.

AFHSE has 12 member FHS. Over 10500 adult students learn in these schools every year.

What we do 

Association for Folk High Schools in Estonia stand, for self-development of all people regardless of age, educational level, status and nationality. To fulfill this priority, organization focuses on:

  • Adult education policy. Activities as social partner for Ministry of Education and Research;
  • Valuing lifelong learning and adult education, especially non-formal adult education advocacy at local and national level: participating in ALW activities; organizing seminars and awareness rising activities;
  • Capacity-building for adult educators;
    • Implementation quality evaluation system for folk high schools.

Best practices 

  • “Quality assurance within adult education” Nordplus Adult programme NPAD-2014/10035. More information is available on the project website.
  • Project “Practice Your Language On The Fly” (NPAD-2019/10090). The project aim is to produce a pool of short language exercises in each partner language available in the Internet. Project page is not available yet.