Folkehøjskolernes Forening i Danmark (FFD) – The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark

Who we are?

FFD (Association of Danish Folk High Schools) is the national organizing body for the 70 Danish Folk High Schools. Each school is an independent, non-governmental institution offering non-formal, adult education.

In the capacity of a membership organization, FFD develops and maintains political and professional relations with the government and partners, both at national and international levels.

FFD organizes, supports and undertakes development projects for and with the membership schools.
Key areas are democracy, citizenship, culture and sustainability. Other activities include:

  • Policy making and political lobbying
  • Advice on legal and organizational matters.
  • Information about and marketing of the Folk High Schools.


What we do?

The association and the folk high schools are leading participants in several national and transnational projects on citizenship.
The overall aim is to develop the concept and understanding of citizenship in order to equip active and responsible citizens to be an essential element of educational and general politics, be it on national, European or global level.
Several FFD schools co-operate with NGOs around the world exchanging students, teachers and voluntary workers.


Our best practices

  • Mitraniketan in India until 2007.
  • Community School until 2012 and Gonobidyalaya until 2008 in Bangladesh.
  • Jiwan in Nepal until 2011.
  • Grundtvig Institute in Nigeria.


The association publishes The Folk High School Song Book, which came in its 18th edition in 2006. The first edition was printed in 1894. It is the most widely distributed song book in Denmark.

“Højskolebladet”, The Folk High School Magazine, an independent monthly publication, focusing on educational, political and general cultural issues.