Centre for Competence Development Cyprus

Who we are

Centre for Competence Development Cyprus (COMCY) is a non for profit Training, Research and Development Organization, active in the field of project management, training & consulting.

We, at COMCY, focus on the training and development of various target groups and sectors of the society, through the participation in EU programs and initiatives as well as at the implementation of training seminars in Cyprus and abroad. Towards the achievement of these we transfer, as well as deliver, good practices from Cyprus and other EU countries.

What we do 

The main aspects of experience and expertise of COMCY are:

  • previous experience in training and development activities,
  • expertise in the areas required and level of competence on it,
  • access to the direct and indirect target groups (research, development, dissemination, exploitation of results):- Experience in training and development activities towards to the projects’ end users; ensure that COMCY is aware of the high quality standards expected and the particular characteristics and benefits that can be obtained through the project implementation.- The expertise and level of competencies required for the successful completion of the project tasks. This includes knowledge for the topics covered. COMCY is active in each project area, as well as cooperates with various organizations such as universities, research and training institutions and others. Moreover, COMCY has the necessary resources to disseminate each project results among, at National and European level. The organization actively participates in international projects and schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad. COMCY is in position to undertake any needed responsibility and tasks during project implementation, to evaluate the quality of the results as well as to exploit them efficiently towards the end users to whom are addressed.

    – COMCY has an established network among the experts as well as the direct and indirect target groups of various project types, in Cyprus and abroad. This gives the opportunity to the Organization to develop, evaluate and fine-tune the project products through a direct access to the end-users as well as stakeholders (schools, HEIs, public authorities, training agencies, not-for-profit organizations, businesses etc) throughout the project implementation.

COMCY has an extensive experience in regards to the training & development of the end users of a project.

Moreover, COMCY, through the development and usage of various ICT tools (assessment, intervention and development processes) as well as e-learning environments, possess experience in the provision of lifelong learning opportunities thus enhancing the needed competencies and skills of both trainers and trainees, matching at the same time along with the future needs and trends.

Best practices

  1. motivatEyoUth: Preventing the Early School Leaving phenomenon in the EU through practical and innovative solutions. Find out more under this link
  2. Special Intimacy Needs Educator – Assisting differently abled people with the improvement of their emotional and sexual needs. Find out more under this link 
  3. South Eastern Europe Women Business Angels Network – S.E.E.W.B.A.N. Find out more under this link
  4. Knowledge exchange – exchange of good practices for the youth. Find out more under this link